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Top 5 Best Jeep CJ Tube Fender & How To Choose + Install [Updated 2022]

There are two common reasons why the Jeep CJ tube fender upgrade may become a top/special need for any vehicle.

A Jeep CJ owner may decide to replace a damaged/defeated factory design with a more robust and/or more durable option.

Thanks to the excellent clearance and decent protection they offer to the vehicle’s body while driving on treacherous paths/roads.

On the other hand, a replacement/upgrade could be conducted while the factory fender is still in top condition, most notably to give the vehicle a new or refreshing appearance.

Although the benefits a tube fenders offers are numerous, especially the support it provides during off-road adventures, ensuring the vehicle is adequately equipped to withstand whatever it comes across on the way.

These benefits can only be enjoyed/appreciated when you pick the right design for the truck.

However, the selection process could be confusing or intimidating, with several options available.

As you read along, the best tube fenders for Jeep CJ that anyone could settle with for top-level protections will be discussed/reviewed accordingly.

The list also extends across the CJ5 tube fenders and Jeep CJ7 tube fenders. Our top picks are from highly-rated brands such as Smittybilt and OMIX.

A Quick Comparison Between Top Jeep CJ Tube Fender

Smittybilt43 x 21 x 9 inches
OMIX45 x 25 x 4 inches
OMIX45.5 x 25 x 4 inches
OMIX39 x 17 x 5 inches
Smittybilt43 x 17 x 20 inches

What is The Best Jeep CJ Tube Fender?

Although our selections/picks are better options than factory fenders and many of the hyped products on the market.

It doesn’t take away the fact that these products are not created the same way, hence the need to rank them accordingly (in line with the qualities/attributes they possess).

After close comparisons and observations, Smittybilt XRC takes the most preferred or number one spot, leading or coming ahead of the other four (4) brands/designs.

Why is Smittybilt XRC the Best Brand?

Smittybilt XRC does more than outline the vehicle’s wheel well.

In addition to the attribute mentioned above, this brand is known for its remarkable commitment to designing durable/solid tube fenders for Jeep CJ, offering unbeatable protection to the body against damage-causing elements or conditions such as sands, ice, rocks, and mud.

The tube fenders also offer an impressive/appealing upgrade to the Jeep’s appearance by providing/offering adequate space for bigger wheels and tires for unrestricted movement or without any hindrance.

How To Choose Jeep CJ Tube Fender

01. Price

Fenders are essential components of every Jeep CJ. Hence, anyone should make the necessary effort to keep them in excellent condition from time to time.

This means appropriate/timely replacement whenever the factory design gets wrecked or damaged or in case anyone decides to get a more reliable option for their vehicle.

While at it (when looking at the designs to eventually settle for or purchase). Avoid going for options that are out of reach.

We can’t deny that the expensive and highly rated designs offer optimum protection, especially in extreme conditions and during off-road drives.

Nevertheless, that isn’t enough conviction for anyone to invest more than they could afford at a time, thereby affecting other financial obligations or even resulting in debt.

If you can’t afford the expensive options. Several solid, affordable fenders are on the market, especially those engineered/built by the top brands.

Great examples are the five designs we have reviewed. Come up with a budget and look for fenders (from top brands) that fall within the price.

Afterward, go through the list and choose anyone that complements your truck and delivers the best performance.

02. Clearance

Choosing a fender that accommodates the upgrade is crucial for individuals replacing their wheels and tires with bigger options.

For instance, replacing the current tires with a larger size (up to 33-inch) means the existing/factory fenders won’t be able to provide adequate clearance.

Hence, there is a need to invest in a design that supports the upgrade to ensure free tire movement.

This way, the tires will be prevented/shielded from touching the flare to avoid premature damage or expensive tire replacement by settling for fenders that offer adequate clearance.

03. Construction Material

As we indicated earlier, one of the numerous benefits of installing fenders is to resist conditions/elements that could dent or damage the vehicle’s body or paint, both on/off the road.

While choosing a design to buy, ensure the construction material is of top-quality (durable and sturdy) for extended protection over a long period.

If the fender can’t handle the aggressive nature of the road or take the hit, especially during extreme conditions. No way such a design will keep the vehicle safe.

As a result, you may have to pay heavily for repairs, which may be a repainting job or replacing a broken/damaged part or component of the vehicle.

Alloy steel and Thermoplastic (UV treated) are the two most popular construction materials. They are highly praised for the level of toughness and strength they possess.

04. Aesthetic Appeal

The fender should not only be durable (for extended protection). It should also refresh the vehicle’s identity by delivering an irresistible/compelling appearance that announces your presence at all times.

Your design choice should give the vehicle an attractive/aggressive appearance that speaks well of its off-road personality.

If the fenders appear out of context or don’t fit/complement the vehicle (in terms of use and performance). Avoid such design at all costs to wade off unnecessary/unwanted attention.

05. Installation

Depending on where you live or the quality/price of the fender. A professional installation could cost as high as fifty percent (50%) of the fender’s price.

An easy way to avoid this costly expense is to settle for a design that can be attached/mounted on the vehicle independently, using basic garage tools.

Go for a design that can be attached to the pre-drilled holes using the screws and other accessories present inside the packaging box.

If the product has an installation guide (precise and comprehensive). It will go a long way in providing clarity and directions to get the job done efficiently, especially for first-time installers.

06. Compatibility

While recommendations are great, especially if the product justifies the hype by delivering on its promises, which can be verified by reading through the reports from existing users.

Still, that isn’t a direct pass or all the convictions that are required/needed to pick up such a product.

Until it is confirmed/verified as a perfect fit for your vehicle (compatible with the model year). Do not make any payment of financial commitment.

How To Install Jeep CJ Tube Fender: Steps

With basic yet necessary tools and steps to follow, the Jeep CJ tube fender can be installed by anybody without any challenges or complications. This eliminates the need to pay heavily for a professional installation.

01. Familiarize With The Process

The first thing anyone needs to do is get to know how the mounting process works (for individuals who haven’t installed a fender before).

Go through the installation manual and read the whole process carefully. Get familiar with the steps involved.

If the package doesn’t have the mounting guide included, go on YouTube and watch relevant videos.

During this moment, it becomes clear if the task is of interest, giving you enough time to think about proceeding with an independent installation or settling for a professional installer to avoid expensive mistakes.

02. Prepare The Tools Required For The Job

Usually, the installation manual has the list of tools needed to mount the fenders successfully on the vehicle.

Go over the list and get these tools ahead of the mounting exercise.

Ensure they are in good condition and well-arranged to support easy reach whenever there is a need for any of them.

03. Check The Package

Ensure the package comes with all the needed accessories to complete the integration.

It’s always better to identify any missing component or quality issues and make the necessary correction before the installation than to find out mid-way into the exercise.

Also, you can go ahead to position the fenders across the installation spots or pre-drilled holes to see if it fits nicely.

04. Seek Help/Assistance

Depending on the weight of the design, it may be a bit hard/challenging to complete the integration independently. s

Inform a friend or older family member about the task and seek their help to make it easier.

When you have someone to hold the fenders in place while the screws are attached, the experience is always smooth, especially the drastic reduction in installation timeframe.

05. Take Out The Old Fenders

The old ones have to be detached before the new fenders can be installed. Release the screws holding them in place and take them out carefully.

06. Attach The New Set of Fenders

Once the old/factory fenders have been detached or taken off, the next step is to integrate the new ones.

If you have an assistant or someone helping with the task, ask them to hold the fenders in place (one after the other) as they align across the holes where the screws would be attached.

While still holding the fender, insert the screws inside the holes and ensure they are tightened firmly.

If the holes are small for the screw to pass through, do not hesitate to expand them.

07. Take a Ride

Once the fenders have been successfully integrated, you may decide to take a short ride across the neighborhood to see how far they hold.

If the fenders hold on solidly and the performance is satisfying, especially the adequate clearance for unrestricted movement of tires.

It is a great time to show off the new look, which further reinstates the vehicle’s personality and position as the undisputed ruler of off-road adventures, leaving a lasting impression on onlookers.

5 Jeep CJ Tube Fender You Can Trust

01. Smittybilt XRC 76875



Highlighted Features

  • ‎1976-1986 Jeep CJ-7
  • Comes in two (2) units
  • Alloy steel construction
  • Textured Black
  • 43 x 21 x 9 inches in dimension
  • 5 pounds in weight

Two top qualities people look out for when purchasing components to integrate/install on their vehicle.

Especially those built/designed to optimize safety and protection on the road are toughness/strength such components possess and the ease of installation.

These two qualities are evident in the Smittybilt XRC 76875. This ensures interested buyers (people who drive/own any of the vehicle models the fenders are compatible with) acquire a worthy replacement or upgrade over the existing/factory design.

These tube fenders eliminate worries that could arise from possible damage or impact to the body or paint in case of confrontations with obstacles while driving both on the road and during off-trail adventures.

If you are serious/intentional about off-road adventures. Smittybilt XRC 76875 doesn’t only deliver the toughness and strength needed to go through every quest unbothered.

It also gives the vehicle an aggressive appearance that complements the vehicle’s personality and driving needs.

Installation is smooth. The fenders can easily slot into the pre-drilled/factory holes, eliminating special efforts.

Nevertheless, if the pre-drilled holes happen to be smaller than the size of the screws that come in the package/kit. Do not hesitate to expand the holes for easy attachment.

The lock nuts that are provided alongside the fenders are top-quality. They hold on firmly/tightly, eliminating worries/concerns about possible fall off.

Considering the sturdiness and the thick and attractive powder coating for enhanced durability/longevity. Smittybilt XRC 76875 CJ7 tube fenders are unbeatable for the price.


  • Improved durability/strength.
  • Enhance off-road trips, keeping the vehicle’s body intact
  • Slots in quickly into the pre-drilled mounting holes


  • The provided screws could be bigger than the pre-drilled holes

02. OMIX 11603.11



Highlighted Features

  • 1997-2006 Jeep CJ
  • Six (6) fender units
  • Thermoplastic material (UV treated)
  • Black textured
  • 45 x 25 x 4 inches in dimension
  • 13 pounds in weight

If you are considering a solid replacement design for the old/factory fender at a reasonable price and without going through any inconveniences during installation.

OMIX 11603.11 may be a good one to watch out for. Make sure compatibility/fitment is extensively considered to address/avoid possible dissatisfaction that may arise before and after installation.

Once a particular design is not an ideal fit for the vehicle. It won’t deliver on its expectations/promises no matter the effort.

Read the product descriptions carefully and ensure the information corresponds with the vehicle model and performance expectations.

The thermoplastic material is solid, ensuring the vehicle’s paintwork remains dent or scratch-free for as long as possible by providing adequate support at all times, especially during off-trail drives.

We are impressed with the installation style. These components can be easily attached by bolting them directly into the pre-drilled holes.

However, the exercise requires a lot of time and patience since the old fenders would have to be taken off before the new ones could slot in.

The expenses do not end here. It continues after the package arrives at your doorstep.

Since the kit is devoid of all the possible hardware needed for the integration, the purchase would have to be made separately at any hardware store around.

While this may not be a fascinating development for many Jeep CJ owners, the final outcome is promising, making all the efforts worthwhile.

OMIX 11603.11 fits greatly on the vehicle, giving it an appearance that many onlookers and other vehicle owners will love and admire.


  • Direct fit/installation (no drilling)
  • Top-level protection against debris and rock particles
  • Top performance during off-road drives


  • Doesn’t come with the installation hardware or instructions

03. OMIX 11602.01



Highlighted Features

  • 1992 Jeep CJ (6 fender units)
  • Black textured
  • Thermoplastic material (UV treated)
  • Comes with extensions
  • 5 x 25 x 4 inches in dimension
  • 75 pounds in weight

If you desire a design that delivers stock feel/appearance at an affordable price. OMIX 11602.01 is a top option that anyone should consider or look at without any hesitations.

The UV-treated thermoplastic construction is a full guarantee for reliable protection against actions/activities that could affect the vehicle’s body or dent/scratch the paint. Especially while driving under unfavorable conditions.

All the fenders (6) are built/designed to effortlessly slot into the factory holes.

The screws that come in the pack provide adequate strength to hold them in place for excellent fit and performance.

According to some vehicle owners, this design is rated on par (in terms of fitment), sometimes above what anyone would witness/experience with the factory fenders.

While these fenders are designed to fit the 1992 Jeep CJ (according to information provided on the seller’s page/product description).

Some individuals who own/drive the 1991-1994 models claimed to install them on their vehicles without fitment/performance issues.

Nevertheless, we advise/recommend that you talk to the vendor to confirm usability/compatibility before picking this design up.

The packaging quality is top-class, ensuring the fenders stay clear of events/activities that could tamper/reduce quality during shipment. Hence, the fenders are received in the best conditions possible.

Also, the mounting hardware is kept safe/intact to prevent the need for extra expenses that may arise in case of missing accessories.


  • Fits into pre-drilled/factory mounting holes
  • Built for extra protection and longevity
  • Comes with the installation accessories
  • Gives the vehicle a new identity/appearance


  • No instructions manual

04. OMIX 11601.01



Highlighted Features

  • 1955-1986 Jeep CJ
  • Thermoplastic (UV treated) material
  • Black textured
  • Mounting accessories
  • 39 x 17 x 5 inches dimension
  • 7 pounds in weight

Are you in the process of rebuilding your Jeep CJ5 and require solid CJ5 tube fenders that don’t overshoot the budget to achieve a refreshing look/appearance?

OMIX 11601.01 is a top choice that anyone could pick up, especially for individuals fascinated by OEM quality and performance.

These fenders don’t require excessive time and effort to install. They slot in greatly, complementing the upgrade exercise beautifully/excellently.

Nevertheless, ensure all the screws are already inserted/applied in their respective holes, holding the fenders in place before they are tightened for top/excellent alignment.

To further enhance the installation process or make it easier. A 1/4 drive air ratchet is a reliable tool anyone could settle for.

This tool makes it easy to remove the screws on the old/damaged fenders during detachment and helps install the screws on the new fenders efficiently.

The kit provides all the accessories required to get the job moving and complete the task.

It is essential to state that the accessories quality is excellent. They can comfortably/conveniently withstand the fender’s load/weight, eliminating the need to replace/upgrade them with more durable options.

Before anyone goes ahead with payment or order submission. We advise/recommend that compatibility is considered for immense performance satisfaction.

When picking up a vehicle component, avoid assumptions at all costs.


  • Long-lasting use and increased durability
  • Slots in excellently for perfect fitment
  • Reasonably priced


  • They may not be the most durable fender flares, but their quality is undeniable for the price

05. Smittybilt 76866



Highlighted Features

  • Jeep CJ7 compatible
  • Black powder coating
  • 3-inch flare integration
  • 43 x 17 x 20 inches in dimension
  • 92 pounds in weight

According to the product description, Smittybilt 76866 is exclusively designed/built for Jeep CJ7.

Since the model years are not stated, we recommend discussing with the vendor to gather the necessary facts before purchasing.

For individuals who have a compatible CJ7 model, the protection and performance offered by this product are reliable and solid, especially the experience during off-road adventures.

The construction quality guarantees the ultimate strength/robustness to face any challenges on rough trails, which considerably enhances reliability and confidence across all conditions.

You will definitely find these fenders attractive and satisfying. Asides from allowing the installation of bigger tires and wheels and ensuring adequate clearance.

They improve the vehicle’s identity by giving it a better appearance/feel.

The installation could be tricky, especially for individuals with little or no knowledge about how to go about it.

Also, the fender’s weight could make the process a bit challenging. Do not hesitate to ask for help/assistance from a friend or older family member.

Although the installation manual does not give complete/precise steps to follow. The directions are adequate to point the installer in the direction to follow.

In addition to the installation/instruction manual, videos on YouTube inform the installers about what to watch out for or do, as the case may be.

Also, we have a dedicated section that highlights the steps to follow for easy fender integration at home for individuals interested in doing this on their own (DIY enthusiasts or individual installers).


  • Constructed for toughness/strength
  • Excellent off-road performance
  • Reliability across all conditions


  • The front OE fender needs to be adjusted before installation
  • Installation directions could be improved

Final Thoughts

The benefits that come with the installation of the Jeep CJ tube fender are numerous, which clearly highlights why a lot of off-road enthusiasts keep investing in it.

So far, we have made five (5) different recommendations for interested buyers, cutting across various CJ models and mode years.

Irrespective of your design choice, the vehicle’s function and appearance will experience a significant boost.

Also, the Jeep CJ enjoys an improved level of protection from objects/elements that could damage the body or interfere with the painting.

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