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15 Best Running Boards For Jeep Wrangler Unlimited – Top Side Steps (Compatible 2007-2022)

Searching for the best running boards for jeep wrangler unlimited? Running boards are a must for an elevated SUV like Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.

They not only ensure a secured entrance to the ride itself but also add a style statement to the vehicle’s overall look.

Not only to help senior citizens get on and off from the Jeep by accentuating the base’s perimeter, running boards keep working on several projects back-ended.

Running boards are just dope OEM parts, and some often mix it up with the nerf bars.

Yes, the purpose is the same, but nerf bars are most convenient with race cars, and even in shape, they differ; nerf bars come in a more tubular body than the traditional flat-faced running boards.

Coming back to the running boards, they are an excellent surface to clean the mud or dust off your shoes, so you don’t make the inside of your ride dirty.

Another side project of these is to protect the Jeep’s exterior from debris suddenly hitting from the friction of the road and the vehicle’s wheels.

Today we will be focusing on all these little fun facts regarding getting running boards, and not just that, we have selected 15 top products that will help you to narrow down your choices and make a wise decision.

We are starting with the best one available in the market.

A Quick Comparison of Jeep Wrangler Running Boards

Tyger AutoFits: 2018-2022500 lbs
OEdRoFits: 2018-2022350 lbs
Tyger AutoFits: 2007-201897 lbs
AUTOSAVER88 Fits: 2018-202235.6 lbs
APS Fits: 2018-2022300 lbs
Tyger AutoFits: 2007-201856.6 lbs
oEdRoFits: 2007-2018350 lbs
VZ4X4Fits: 2018-202236.4 lbs

How To Choose The Right Running Boards For Your Jeep Wrangler

When it comes to an accessory of your Jeep on which safety and convenience rely, you better take the time to buy the best set of running boards.

Before grabbing hold of the running boards, be sure to keep these things in mind. Size and shape are essential when making a purchase, but other factors are often overlooked.

Let’s take a closer look!

01. Aesthetic

Because they take up so much of the car’s exterior, the running boards you choose should match the rest of the vehicle’s styling.

If you want your Jeep to have a shabby-chic look, you can select the dimensions and the surface finish.

The length of the vehicle’s running boards is typically a factor determining their size. According to personal preference, a few inches can be shortened or lengthened.

Here two types of lengths are introduced. Cab-length (cab to Jeep bed) and wheel-to-wheel length.

As far as the width is concerned, there isn’t much to choose from because almost all of them have the exact universal fit.

You now have several options when it comes to the final touches. Chrome, black powder-coated, and anodized aluminum are among the most popular choices.

02. Sturdiness and Cleanliness

Ensure that the product you choose is sturdy enough to take all that debris from the road and dirt from your shoes.

Protecting your vehicle from rocks and other road debris might not be the primary function of running boards.

Depending on the roads you’re driving across, you may come across rock chips, and they can hit your SUV’s undercarriage.

Not to mention the number of scratches it will leave, and you might have to spend your money on another refurnishing job!

But running boards prevent the vehicles from being worn out. The same running boards serve to bear your footsteps so that you can enter your Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with clean footwear!

03. Weight Capacity

When it comes to endurance, you won’t be complaining about running boards because it is exceedingly difficult for consumers to incapacitate them.

The most frequently asked question about running boards is their ability to withstand the weight. A typical running board supports a maximum of half of 1000 pounds.

You can get more specific on weight capacity when you judge the materials of the running boards.

Fiberglass, for example, is a less expensive material that can endure around 300~350 pounds of strain, which is pretty much enough.

But think of a more prominent family when they have to step on the running board every day, and to endure that workload, you need a more substantial material.

For example, steel or aluminum can easily capacitate 450~500 pounds or so.

04. The Type of Running Board You Want

Some accessories serve the primary purpose, but a slight difference in their dimensions and appearances cost those accessories a new name other than just running boards.

First off, there are running boards, obviously, then there are side steps and nerf boards.

Among the three types, running boards are the most comfortable ones with the most space across the length of the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited or whatever SUVs or vehicles you are using.

The side steps, however, are not clingy with the vehicle; they live a space between themselves and the truck. That implies the lower ground clearance of side steps.

Their shape is not flat-faced like running boards contrarily; they appear oval-ish.

Nerf boards come in individual parts as individual entries to each cabin. So, just running boards or side steps disintegrated for some of the strain to be divided equally.

When the points mentioned above are given the most priority when you go for your running boards, we suggest you give equal importance to each issue and scrutinize them. Only you would know what your Unlimited needs.

As a responsible customer, you should focus on your preferences, your budget, and your longtime plan; and then choose a product finally. Following this simple strategy will save you time, energy, and money.

What Brand Running Board is good For Jeep Wrangler Unlimited?

Tyger Auto TG-JA2J2288B, an easy 3-word answer! Starting from aesthetic to functionality, this brand delivers it all.

With the easy-to-follow bolt-on setup process, you will enjoy the benefits in no time.

And what’s more praiseworthy is the durability; made with high-end material, the running boards last for ages and don’t even rust.

Why Tyger Auto TG-JA2J2288B is Top Running Board Brand For Jeep Wrangler Unlimited?

Now that you’ve got your answer, let’s explore some reasons as to why we should hold onto this notion of claiming this brand to be the best of all, shall we?

  • The powder-coated craftsmanship avails the components to endure all the hits from debris, rocks, and stuff.
  • The weight capacity for the boards on each side is approximately 500 LBS; also, the setup extensions are solid enough to stay on for a long time.
  • The boards are marked so that passengers can easily navigate their way through the heightened vehicle.
  • Minimal damage is ensured by the dual girder system, which protects the rocker panel.

We’ll get into more details when we discuss other product reviews.

Best Running Boards For Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (A Broad Review)

This is the part where you make your decision. We have chosen 15 products that have proven themselves to be running boards worth buying.

We suggest that you take your time to go through the sections and scan every detail of each product.

Most of these products are compatible with JK 4 doors, but still, we would request you to double-check.

01. Tyger Auto TG-JA2J2288B


Highlighted Features 

  • Compatibility: Jeep Wrangler 2018-2022
  • Weight capacity: 500 pounds
  • Exterior: dual powder-coated finishing, textured, black colored
  • Tube dimension: (0.12 *2.0) inches (wall thickness*diameter)

The step pads provided are super comfy to get on and off the vehicle. As much as the boards feel convenient to stand on, they are as firm as the material.

A whopping 500 lbs weight capacitance can’t be found in regular running boards.

The convenience is ensured to last for a lifetime with the powder-coated finishing. The craftsmanship with extra care and the E-coat treatment as a part of it does it all.

Serves the purpose of both running boards as well as rock sliders. The dual functionality entertains longevity and the high performance of the panels.


  • Necessary hardware like screws, nuts, and bolts come in the perfect fit; hence installation is a no-brainer
  • The welding work is also impressive, ensuring a rust-free future as well as a sturdy build
  • Provides enough space to stand on and works as a protection from other vehicles accidentally brushing off


  • The only thing that put off some customers was that the bolts weren’t fully covered after installation. And it’s understandable because some prefer neater looks

02. OEdRo OETESS-0036-VC01


Highlighted Features 

  • Compatibility: Jeep Wrangler 2018-2022
  • Weight capacity: 550 pounds
  • Exterior: powder-coated, black colored, carbon steel
  • Step width: 6 inches
  • Pad design: 4 inches

The thing that should be mentioned first is the appearance of these running boards. Apart from your regular running boards, they are leaf-shaped.

This means the look is not pure solid, there is a specific design, and also, the corners are not perfectly square instead of in an angular shape resembling a leaf.

The step pads or step boards have been given utmost priority while designing. The drop step-style gives a classic look to the Unlimited.

The plates have been engineered through the laser cut process along with the optimally graded galvanized hardware.

These running boards also have a powder-coated surface which prevents the boards from getting too dirty; hence there are fewer chances of falling into an accident.


  • The board mounts that come with the kit have already been welded. No modification is needed apart from a DIY, bolt-on installation
  • The instruction manual is pretty easy to follow; not only does it take half an hour or so, but it also matters what you see after the installation-which is the perfect alignment of the running boards and their proven performance


  • Some found that rear plates were not engineered to stand much comfortably; however, extensions can be done pretty quickly with those



Highlighted Features 

  • Compatibility: Jeep Wrangler 2018-2022
  • Exterior: alloy stainless steel
  • Pad design: 4 inches

This set of running boards emphasizes quality and material. Starting from high-end PP material to a surface that prevents the setup from getting all scratched and rusty, everything is offered.

The endpoints of the boards are stiff enough to withstand continuous contact with water and dirt developed by cambering.

An easy bolt-on installation setup will take only 40 minutes to a couple of hours, according to the help you used.

The bolts, along with all the other hardware, are numbered, so you don’t have to wander around thinking what’s what.

The manufacturer also promises a perfect fit for almost all truck models, including Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.


  • The build is light, so it doesn’t put much strain on the vehicle’s performance, but on the other hand, they are firm enough to handle weights and dirt
  • The bracket exposures are adjustable so that you can fix their placements according to their convenience


  • Apart from bad batches of production where a bolt or two were missing, no significant issues were found with this product

04. Tyger Auto TG-JA2J2239B


Highlighted Features 

  • Compatibility: Jeep Wrangler 2007-2018
  • Weight capacity: 500 pounds
  • Exterior: dual powder-coated finishing, textured, black colored
  • Tube dimension: (0.12 *2.0) inches (wall thickness*diameter)

As mentioned before, this brand promises to make its products stand out with superior qualities.

The pre-coating, the welding, the glossy finishing-all all not only feed the appetite of the aesthetic but also prevent the boards from being all worn out.

The signature star armor design on the laser-cut-built pads is one of a kind.

The definition of endurance is proved through the perfectly engineered tubes and their seal caps to be free from oxidization and dampening.


  • Hangs closer to the ground than factory OEM parts, convenient for many people
  • The steps remain outside of the vehicle partially just enough to prevent the downside from being damaged and not bothering those around the truck


  • Some have had issues with the build being too heavy. So, even after the installation process is easy, you need some extra hands. Also, the setup requires many bolts comparatively. Better you keep an impact gun ready
  • There were alignment issues found on the driver side. Some claimed that one of the bolts was not of the right size



Highlighted Features 

  • Compatibility: Jeep Wrangler 2018-2021
  • Weight capacity: 450 pounds
  • Exterior: aluminum, built with Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

The tube dimension for this item is 6 inches. After years of usage, sudden slipping accidents or rustiness is a no-no for this brand.

The hybrid of sturdy aluminum and the ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) does its magic. To top that, a whopping 200 kg weight capacitance adds to the success of this product.

However, for this product, the manufacturer suggests getting professional help during installation.

This is because the structure for this particular product requires a bit of hardware and hard work, too!


  • The boards serve the general purpose of being all sturdy and robust
  • The appearance is impressive, too, so a better replacement than OEM parts on that note


  • There were issues with mounting brackets. Either they didn’t come in the correct numbers or of the right size
  • According to some users, the fit of the bolts also didn’t feel quite aligned

06. APS


Highlighted Features 

  • Compatibility: Jeep Wrangler 2018-2022
  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds
  • Exterior: black powder-coated, matte finishing
  • Build: aluminum, aircraft-grade

This kit includes the running boards from iBoard. The dimension of the tube is 5 inches.

With a minimalistic design, these running boards serve it all! With a weight capacity of 300, roughly up to 350 pounds, you won’t see any rust or any bent profile.

You can get anywhere with these bad boys from rooftop to truck bed! With the solid builds and slip-resistant surface, you can quickly get on and off the vehicle.

Not only that, standing on these very boards, you can get access to any critical part of your Jeep Wrangler Unlimited where necessary.

APS running boards have what it takes to be a heavy-duty product.

Everything is described in detail in the instruction manual, so you don’t have to worry about it; some have reported completing the task in under an hour.


  • The boards are offered in a reasonable price range, and with the instruction manual being pretty straightforward, you can save a few more bucks too
  • These boards are rust-free even after months of heavy-duty usage

But for better durability, you can use sealing sprays or paint sprays to hold that result.

  • The mounting brackets provide enough support to the boards with their unique build; that is another reason why the panels don’t bend even after being a bit low on the weight capacitance


  • Few faced problems with the nuts and bolts. Some of the bolts have been reported to be not numbered, while the other ones were



Highlighted Features 

  • Compatibility: Jeep Wrangler 2018-2022
  • Weight capacity: 500 pounds
  • Exterior: alloy steel, black powder-coated
  • Round tube dimension: 3 inches

The excellent engineering gives the feel of a very thoughtful running board in this case.

Whatever metallic is included in the set has a powder-coated finishing to prove non-slippery; the design also makes the components free from all types of scratches.

These side steps or boards work beautifully as heavy-duty usage. The step pads are built with glass fiber and polyamide to make them safe from hazardous UV.

UV lights or simply direct longtime exposure to sunlight can cause any form of material to decay-hence the use of polyamides.


  • The fitment is perfect, everything is marked, so you don’t have to confuse the drivers’ side and the passengers’ side. The setup is a simple DIY, so you won’t even need modifications
  • At a reasonable price, the users were happy with the product’s sturdiness


  • Some of the customers have pointed out that the space between the boards and the side of the vehicle might not prove to work in terms of protection from debris
  • The boards, in some cases, proved themselves to be rust-free, but not for a long time. So durability is a big question mark here

08. Tyger Auto TG-JA2J22408



Highlighted Features 

  • Compatibility: Jeep Wrangler 2007-2018
  • Weight capacity: 500 pounds
  • Exterior: dual powder-coated finishing, textured, black colored
  • Tube dimension: (0.12 *2.0) inches (wall thickness*diameter)

Patented step pad designs, near welding in the metal tubes, combined with E-coating finishing- talk about perfection!

We have gone through two more Tyger Auto products on the list. All of them promised to deliver the two primary purposes of running boards.

To be an excellent rock rail and to be a comfortable step. Now, to check if this item does the same, let’s look at the pros and cons of this one.


  • Both sides are color-coded, so you don’t have to be frantic while installing
  • Water, dirt, and rust are don’t seem to be problematic for this product because of the sealed caps and E-coating
  • Even though the bolts look not strong enough, it’s just for a minimalistic design so that they don’t show through. The material of each hardware, including the bolts, is super durable, so they work just as fine


  • As some reported, the fabrication on the pads could have been better for this particular product
  • This might not be the ideal DIY job for those who want to hit it alone. You might need an extra pair of hands to get the installation done more quickly

09. oEdRo ‎OETESS-0034-VC01


Highlighted Features 

  • Compatibility: Jeep Wrangler 2007-2018
  • Weight capacity: 350 pounds
  • Exterior: powder coated; carbon steel
  • Tube dimension: 6 inches

These running boards follow a style, namely one-two-stair. That’s because of the dip in the middle of the whole bar that makes it look like two stairs placed side-by-side.

Also, the manufacturer would like to remind you that there is no pre-welding on the step bars.

The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited will be well served by a two-step design. The 4-inch drop design is superior to typical running boards. As a bonus, it will be easier to run rooftop errands.

Because of the minimal design, the vehicle’s image and driving experience are both enhanced. The flat layout provides appropriate downforce for off-road operations.


  • Easy installation process
  • The unique design, namely the ‘stair,’ calls for an intermediate step, which becomes convenient when you need the running boards for not just getting on and off the vehicle but also you need them to do some other work such as working on the top

They can also work as a good carriage of goods resting place.


  • Some users spotted rust marks just after one year of usage
  • Another issue found was that the gap between the bars and the vehicle was not spacious enough, which might trigger people’s basic instincts to step a bit farther on objects that are a bit far away rather than on things that are too close to them

10. VZ4X4


Highlighted Features 

  • Compatibility: Jeep Wrangler 2018-2021
  • Exterior: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

The material listed above is known for its ability to resist slips.

As well as, the black ionized surface helps the item to be durable by supplying waterproof capabilities, which supports anti-rust as well!


  • All the hardware is included, so installation is bound to be a breeze
  • The brackets/mountings are indeed a suitable replacement than OEM parts


  • The weight endurance ability didn’t turn out to be satisfactory for several consumers



Highlighted Features 

  • Compatibility: Jeep Wrangler 2018-2022
  • Weight capacity: 500 pounds
  • Exterior: carbon steel; powder coated
  • Step pad drop: 4.7 inches

Patented powder coating is applied to the steel material and makes it far easier to tidy the boards, not to mention this also helps to be not rusty as well.

You don’t have to worry about the vehicle being all scuffed because the side pedals help the Jeep free from debris hitting the shiny painted surface.

The drop design assists in keeping the clearance measurements and the looks intact.


  • All of the OEM rivets sync perfectly with the readymade slots to make installation easier
  • The finishing/coating lasts for ages, and so do the results; therefore, durability shouldn’t be questioned here
  • Within a tight budget, these boards will enhance the look of your Jeep


  • For some, the drop-down level was not as satisfactory

12. AMP Research 75122 01A PowerStep


Highlighted Features 

  • Compatibility: Jeep Wrangler 2007-2017
  • Weight capacity: 600 pounds
  • Exterior: aluminum and steel

Electric running boards!

With aluminum, they’re light, but they also alleviate many issues that owners of fixed running boards have to deal with thanks to weatherproof and pressure-sensitive technology.

It’s virtually corrosion-proof since this item has been anodized and then coated with PTFE. Additionally, the materials’ pivoting properties are closely linked by engineering.

As a result, these running boards will last no matter what the weather is like when you use them.


  • The feature of pressure triggering is convenient for little kids to take their time to get on and off the vehicle
  • The retraction schedule of the boards is just perfect for getting the doors closed and the coast cleared


  • Some owners stated that their wiring harness didn’t fit the setup
  • Installation was not clear to some

13. Raptor-1808-0655BT


Highlighted Features 

  • Compatibility: Jeep Wrangler 2007-2018
  • Weight capacity: 500 pounds
  • Exterior: dual powder-coated finishing, textured, black colored

Easy access in and out of the car thanks to the presence of a spacious step space. In all circumstances, the elevated notches ensure a safe step.

Enhanced grip is provided by rugged step pads, which have a non-slip embossed tread pattern.

It is made of highly durable stainless steel and lacquered in a three-stage technology.

The succession of high-quality hardware is ensured through this tech, not to mention that every necessary component is included in the set.


  • It can withstand weight and weather perfectly
  • ‘Sturdy and classy’-as most of the customers stated


  • Installation seems easy except for the part when you deal with the rails. Requires an extra pair of hands

14. AMP-Research-75132-01A-PowerStep


Highlighted Features 

  • Compatibility: Jeep Wrangler 2018-2021
  • Weight capacity: 600 pounds
  • Exterior: aluminum
  • Step width: 6.25 inches

Here come the electric running boards, again! They slide out the moment you open the door and intend to get down or get on your Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.

With aluminum, they are lightweight, yes; but they solve many problems to be dealt with foxed running boards. For example, contracted aerodynamics issues, no more!

The combination of anodization and coating of PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene) makes this item extra rust-free.

So no matter in whichever weather condition you use these running boards, they won’t wear out. The pivoting engineering works hand-in-hand with the materials as well.

Pretty much all the same with the previous electric running board mentioned, but this item has some issues solved. Let’s look at the customer reviews.


  • Because the bars come out only when you get on and off the vehicle, they are less prone to damage-therefore, they are long-lasting
  • The optimal aerodynamic calculation is cultivated through these and the right amount of fuel usage


  • The instruction manual was a challenging part for some of the consumers. In other words, some of the steps seemed ‘vague,’ which was a red flag for the beginner-level installers

15. ARIES-AL231007


Highlighted Features 

  • Compatibility: Jeep Wrangler 2018-2022
  • Weight capacity: 500 pounds
  • Exterior: T6 aluminum, textured
  • Tube diameter 4 inches

Being lighter than steel, these bars are easier to handle yet almost supplies the same results as steel. Rigidity and sturdiness are ensured in these bars.

The chiseled ends on the tubes change the overall look of the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and are better than the factory setup.

The custom step pads made out of propylene help them to be free from wear-and-tear issues. These provide safety and comfort at the same time because of their considerate build and plush shape.

We also need to appreciate the textured finish of the bars; the textured pattern prevents slipping off and carries less dirt which can be easily removed later.

When combined with the aluminum tubes, they make the perfect combo and deliver the best results.


  • This is a custom-fit set that allows you to choose where ends meet (No pun intended!)
  • It gives an unembellished look to the vehicle, which catches attention and is also easy to clean because of the unfussy design


  • Some reported the bars to be a bit on the narrower side. It might be a bit of a problem with those with a size ten or so

And there goes your list! You’ll notice many similarities among the products, but there are little details that set them apart.

It is for you to find out those as they might be the deciding factor for your purchase!

How Do You Install Jeep Wrangler Running Board?

You are in luck today! In 5 easy steps, we will be guiding you through the process of installing running boards.

And it’s applicable not for only Jeep Wrangler Unlimited; you can apply these steps for almost any SUVs, cars with any brand name stamped on them!

But before jumping into this super exciting DIY job, you need some tools to assist you along. Here’s a list.

  • Safety materials: gloves, safety glasses
  • Wrenches
  • Sockets
  • Prongs or ratchets

Okay, now we can get to work!

Step 1: Secure Safety

Safety comes first! So, wear glasses and gloves. Disconnect the battery of the vehicle.

Make sure you keep all the necessary wires with opposite terminals apart from each other. And then you can start working.

Step 2: Start With Bolts and Brackets

Now, create the necessary environment to install and support the running boards. With most of the running board kits, something named bolt plates.

These bolt plates are the ultimate support provider for the running boards, as long as they are tightened nicely.

As soon as you get those plates right, start working on the brackets, or precisely, the mounts, to hold the boards.

For the sake of the working process, try to estimate and get them aligned with the SUVs’ lengthwise line as much as possible. However, later they can be adjusted while giving the finishing touches.

Step 3: Boards on Brackets

You need to adjust the running boards with their mounts for this step. Make sure you follow the instructions to the T mentioned in the manual.

This means you should be careful of the surface, which should be faced up, and the face, which should be placed down. We don’t want you to be all wobbly when you get on the Jeep Unlimited!

Step 4: Placement of The Boards With The Attached Brackets

After getting to the point of perfect fastening and alignment, get those bolts and connect the two components through the slots. And better you repeat this process for all mounts.

Step 5: Attach With Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

With the bolts perfectly secured, too, retain the brackets with the boards on individual bolt plates. Repeat for the whole vehicle. Now, your Jeep is ready to ride on!

Get on and off a few times with utmost care to see if anything is off. If that’s the case, look out for loose fittings.

Well, that was easy!


They say, ‘Assume nothing, question everything. So, here we are, with the most asked questions about running boards from around the globe. Let’s see if you can find yours too!

Should I Go For Electric Running Boards?

These days, electric running boards are the new hype despite their high prices. But there are reasons behind this hype.

Well, electric running boards perform differently and only when you need them.

Like when you get on or off the car, the boards will pop out their brackets, and during the other time, they will remain intact.

The positive side is heavier for this type of running board. They minimize the air-space contraction for vehicles so they can run faster.

The name for it is ‘aerodynamic contraction.’ The intact or compressed mechanism saves much fuel.

So, if you think you can go a little overboard and spare a bit more money, electric running boards can be good friends with your Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.

What About The Monetary Plannings For Running Boards?

Based on material, shapes, and sizes, average running boards that are ubiquitous can cost you anywhere between $150 to $300. But you should be prepared to pay more for other reasons.

For example, a pair of professional, extra hands might cost you another $100 up to $150.

Even if you want to add more pressure capacity on the running boards, you will need another $200 extra.

The thing that will cost the most is if you go for the electric running boards as they run on electricity, serve the best, and save a lot of fuel energy for the vehicle.

Does Installation Break a Sweat?

Not if you have worked with automobile parts before. You can do the installation single-handedly and within only 30 minutes maximum.

Contrarily, if this is your first time, we highly recommend using some professional help, even if it costs some extra bucks.

There are several details to focus on, so that bit of professional service will save you from headache.

What are Some Essential Benefits and Disadvantages of Running Boards?

It is pretty apparent to expect comfort, convenience, and cleanliness from running boards. But there are some hidden cons as well.

To start with, the running boards tend to get messy during extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain or during snowing.

The purpose of running boards turns out to be pointless at that time because passengers will not benefit from them when they step on a snow-filled step-up accessory of their Jeep Wrangler Unlimited!

There’s also this aerodynamic pressure thing that comes with fixed running boards.

Since they add a few extra weights to the whole vehicle, the running speed of the Jeep will be affected even in the minimum amount, if not any. The excess weight creates fatigue in the overall system.

Another thing that’s noticed if we are being persnickety is the decrease in the ground clearance. At the same time, some passengers prefer higher ground clearance.

Apart from the discomforts addressed, we still think the pros outweigh the cons, and hence we still recommend you to have a go at running boards.

What If My Running Boards Are Worn Out?

It is widespread for your running boards to look tired from carrying all those weights for several years!

But don’t you worry, in a few simple steps, you can quickly fix the exacerbated condition and make the board functional as it was when you first bought them.

Firstly, thoroughly inspect all the running boards and check for rust. Unscrew the board and prick out any fabric or rubber material if it seems to be in bad condition.

When you get to the metallic part, get a welding iron and fix those rusts, holes, or any damage done. You might also use a rust-free sealing spray to keep the finishing intact.

You can whack on some new rubber material when you are done or just simply let it be. Screw it back on the vehicle and feel the difference!

The only bad thing about this simple activity is that it might take up to three to four days to perfectly seal in the welded effect and the spray to do its magic too.

Well, there goes your FAQs on the topic; we hope It covered some confusion for you.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to install the perfect set of running boards and how to find the ideal set, you’re all set to go to your nearby automobile shops!

But we must add this is a necessary accessory for any type of vehicle.

Running boards provide safety and comfort and help keep your vehicle free from severe potential damages and clean from all the dirt that you are most likely to carry in.

For your better understanding of this whole article, we would request you to take a look at these YouTube videos.

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