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Top 10 Best Rain Cover For Jeep Wrangler in 2022 (Buyer’s Guideline & Reviews)

The Jeep Wrangler is a reliable adventure partner. It doesn’t disappoint when it matters. Hence, the need to shield it from adverse/extreme weather conditions that may lower its quality and value.

The best rain cover for Jeep Wrangler delivers exceptional protection from rain and snow in the absence of a home garage or whenever the vehicle is parked outside.

Also, many Jeep Wrangler owners drive around with an open roof and are not interested or committed to installing a hardtop (removable/temporary or permanent).

In such a situation, the best Jeep cover for rain may be a reliable/dependable accessory to keep the interior protected from water/moisture and other harmful or damaging elements such as sun, snow, dust particles, and dirt/contaminations from outdoor activities.

When you check online, there are several designs or options anyone will find for the Jeep Wrangler models, ranging across different prices and construction materials.

We understand how stressful or complicating looking for or choosing the best waterproof cover for Jeep Wrangler could be. Especially for people who are buying this protective accessory for the first time.

That is why we have selected ten (10) highly-rated Jeep Wrangler covers, spreading across brands such as KAKIT, Big Ant, Formosa Covers, Morhept, KouKou, Bestop, BORDAN, IiSPORT, and Motor Trend.

Buying Factors of The Best Rain Cover For Jeep Wrangler

KAKITFits: 1987-2020
Big AntFits: 1987-2021
Formosa CoversFits: 1976 - 2006
MorheptFits: Suzuki Swift 2015
KouKouFits: (Sedan Nissan Versa, Audi A3, vw eos, Hyundai Accent, Mitsubishi Eclipse & Lancer)
BestopFits: 1992-1995
BORDANFits: 1987-2021
iiSPORTFits: 2004-2018
Motor TrendFits: up to 185 (length)
BORDANFits: 1987-2021

What is The Best Rain Cover For Jeep Wrangler?

All the products or designs on our list are worth the money, delivering outstanding protection to the vehicle’s paint and interior against elements or conditions that could lead to expensive or premature damages.

The ten (10) Jeep Wrangler covers were compared with several other products. They came on top after a series of comprehensive analyses and reviews.

We considered significant factors such as durability, resistance to water/moisture, installation process/requirement, and price.

These attributes or factors were used to determine the suitability of these designs for the Jeep Wrangler.

We didn’t just stop there; we also carefully compared these ten (10) designs, placing them side by side to choose our most preferred design.

We eventually settled with KAKIT as our most preferred choice/design.

Why KAKIT is The Best Rain Cover For Jeep Wrangler?

KAKIT is designed as a 6 Layers heavy-duty cover, offering uncompromised protection to indoor and outdoor areas or sections of the vehicle.

Its durable cotton material is adequate to keep moisture (from rain or snow) away from penetrating into the interior.

It keeps the interior accessories/components safe from premature damage or wears for an extended period.

Other incredible protective features include its ability to block or resist ultraviolet radiation, thereby regulating/reducing the heat in the interior or cabin to maintain a normal or conducive temperature.

Also, it keeps contaminants or dirt away, keeping the interior clean and free from dust.

10 Best Rain Cover For Jeep Wrangler Reviews

01. KAKIT – Best Jeep Cover For Rain



Highlighted Features

  • ‎1987-2020 Jeep Wrangler (2 doors)
  • Heavy-duty cotton material (6 layers)
  • Driver door zipper
  • 5 x 14 x 9 inches in dimension
  • Weight: 10.88 pounds

KAKIT offers several attributes or features that assure reliable/durable performance across all weather conditions.

If anyone wants to get the best value for the money, here is a high-quality option to settle for.

The heavy-duty construction material provides unmatched protection against rainfall, snow, sun, and other contaminants that may affect the vehicle’s quality or value in case of exposure or contact.

For best performance, ensure the compatibility details are followed and adhered to.

It slots accurately/tightly on the 1987-2020 Jeep Wrangler (2 doors), leaving no space or gap for any adverse conditions or activities.

We find the inclusion of the driver door zipper fascinating, which supports quick access into the cabin.

The driver won’t have to remove and reinstall the cover, especially when the driver does not intend to start or drive the vehicle.

The windproof protection (two solid/well-made ropes) keeps the cover intact for enhanced security/protection in a situation where the wind is strong enough to pull off the tightest cover from the vehicle’s body.


  • Installation is effortless (quick and smooth)
  • Resistance to water and ultraviolet radiation
  • Allows easy access into the cabin
  • It is built to withstand strong wind


  • The zipper’s quality could be improved

02. Big Ant All Weather Cover – Best Waterproof Cover For Jeep Wrangler



Highlighted Features

  • ‎1987-2021 Jeep Wrangler (4 Door)
  • Ethylene-vinyl acetate construction material
  • Driver door zipper
  • Reflective warning bar (6) & storage pouch
  • 17 x 14 x 5 inches in dimension
  • 13 pounds in weight

An inadequate Jeep cover for rain is as good as none.

Settling for a poorly designed or low-quality protective cover for your vehicle is an invitation to expensive accessories repair or replacement in case of water/moisture penetration.

We are sure no one wants to experience such a situation, hence the need to make the right purchase decision.

Big Ant All Weather Cover offers complete/total protection against water. It makes sure the cabin/interior stays clean and dry, irrespective of how intense or heavy the rainfall could be.

The excellent water handling capability is linked to its superior seams technology. Another impressive feature is the reflective coating material.

Its primary function or duty is to ensure adequate sun and ultraviolent radiation blockage/restriction, regulating the cabin’s temperature to keep it cool and conducive.

The manufacturer understands how much every Jeep Wrangler owner cares about their vehicle.

Especially when it comes to avoiding expensive or damaging impact/contact when parked outside.

The reflective warning bars (6) emit a bright fluorescent light (orange) in the dark, creating necessary awareness to keep away people or vehicles from running into it.


  • Prevents/eliminates moisture passage or penetration
  • Not hard (doesn’t scratch) on the vehicle’s body or paint
  • Keeps the interior clean and cool
  • Lightweight and easy to store


  • Doesn’t come with a hole to accommodate the vehicle’s antenna

03. Formosa Covers ‎Jeep-1 – Best Jeep Cover For Rain



Highlighted Features

  • ‎1976-2006 Jeep Wrangler
  • Polypropylene construction material (3-layer)
  • Color: Taupe
  • 156 x 60 x 60 inches in dimension
  • 24 pounds in weight

If you drive/own an old Jeep Wrangler model (1976-2006) and require a highly dependable protective cover against extreme weather elements such as rainfall, snow, and sun.

Formosa Covers ‎Jeep-1 is the best waterproof cover for Jeep Wrangler anyone can get, compared to other options available on the market.

Its superior water handling ability and how it slots perfectly across the vehicle’s body without scratching or denting the paintwork are critical attributes that have contributed to the wide purchases and recommendations it enjoys to date.

The polypropylene (3-layer) construction material offers strength and robustness, shielding the vehicle’s parts (both interior and exterior) from expensive damages due to human, weather, and animal impacts.

Formosa Covers ‎Jeep-1 can withstand the effect of strong wind, thanks to the cable locks.

The locks ensure the cover doesn’t get lifted or blown off, leaving the vehicle unprotected and exposed to particles or elements that could lower its quality and value.


  • Resistance to scratch and moisture
  • Stability/firmness is not affected by wind
  • Easy removal and attachment
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • The front and rear ends are not labeled

04. Morhept ‎BZ-JP-2D



Highlighted Features

  • ‎Compatible with 2-door Jeep Wrangler
  • 6 layers fabric
  • Fluorescent light strips (6)
  • Color: Black
  • 57 x 13.39 x 7.56 inches in dimension
  • 34 pounds in weight

Morhept ‎BZ-JP-2D is designed to fit and work for the 2-door Jeep Wrangler.

It offers excellent protection to the interior and exterior across all weathers (rainy, snowy, or sunny), irrespective of how intense/extreme the conditions may be.

However, since the product description fails to highlight or inform prospective buyers about the list of Jeep Wrangler models that it can work with or fit accurately.

We recommend speaking to the vendor or seller before a purchase is made.

This vehicle cover sits firmly and tightly across compatible vehicles, keeping dirt, dust, bird droppings, and other damaging/quality-reducing elements away from the vehicle.

The fabric used for the construction is high-quality. It withstands or resists whatever the environment throws at it.

It is also easy on the paintwork, keeping off scratches or dents, irrespective of how often the user installs or takes it off.

To avoid damaging or heavy impact at night due to impaired vision. The fluorescent light strips illuminate the vehicle, informing people and animals about its presence.

Also, the driver’s door zipper aids easy access into the cabin without necessarily taking it off completely.


  • Efficient protection against wind, water, dust, and UV rays
  • Keeps the cabin’s temperature cool or regulated
  • Smooth and effortless integration and removal
  • Easy to clean/maintain


  • 2-door Jeep Wrangler only
  • The compatible Jeep Wrangler models are not listed

05. KouKou ‎YL



Highlighted Features

  • ‎Universal Fit (181 to 190 inches)
  • Aluminum fabric material
  • 6 layers vehicle cover
  • Color: Silver
  • 190 x 74 x 70 inches in dimension
  • Weight: 7.5 pounds

KouKou ‎YL is designed as a universal protective cover. It slots accurately on a comprehensive list of vehicles, provided the recommended size is maintained.

If anyone drives a Jeep Wrangler between 181 and 190 inches in length, here is a reliable cover to settle for to protect the interior and exterior from extreme conditions.

The 6-layer protection that the heavy-duty aluminum fabric offers is highly reliable, ensuring uncompromised protection and security.

It can withstand the impact of heavy rainfall, snow, intense sunshine, and strong wind.

While the outer lining is robust/strong to tackle or withstand whatever harmful elements it comes across, the inner lining is the opposite.

Its softness assures the elimination of dents, stains, or scratches, keeping the paintwork neat/clean to retain its attractiveness.

The driver’s side door zipper aids quick access into the interior, eliminating the need to take off the cover completely.

To assure complete safety and protection at night, especially when it’s dark and vision is somewhat restricted or impaired.

The six (6) reflective stripes illuminate the vehicle, lowering or eliminating possible impact.


  • It doesn’t scratch the vehicle’s body/paintwork
  • Adequate water/moisture blockage
  • Resist ultraviolet radiation for a conducive interior
  • A decent purchase for the price


  • The stitches’ quality could be revised

06. Bestop 8103609



Highlighted Features

  • Color: Charcoal/Gray
  • Adjustable nylon straps
  • Storage sack/pouch
  • 10 x 20 x 10 inches in dimension
  • 10 pounds in weight

Bestop is a top name in the aftermarket accessories market. Thanks to its commitment to continuous innovation, thereby delivering solid/reliable products for vehicle owners worldwide.

Anyone looking for a protective cover that assures 100% security and protection of their vehicle.

Especially individuals who prefer driving without the roof covered and do not have a plan to get a hardtop anytime soon.

Bestop 8103609 is an excellent product to look at, considering the complete coverage it offers to the roof and doors.

It keeps the interior protected from water, especially during heavy downpours. A situation most options on the market may find challenging to handle or cope with.

It offers a similarly robust performance when it comes to keeping intense sunlight and ultraviolet radiation away from the interior.

The cabin’s temperature is maintained at a conducive level, and the accessories are protected from premature damage or wear.

However, all the benefits this cover offers come at a price. It is pretty expensive than most protective covers anyone will find on the market.

The good thing is that it delivers beyond its price, ensuring the user gets incredible value for the money.

Bestop 8103609 is easy to install across the vehicle, likewise the removal. Its nylon straps can be easily adjusted to achieve a perfect (firm and tight) fit.


  • Designed for all weather conditions
  • Fits firmly/tightly for secure installation
  • Adequate or easy storage


  • Pricey




Highlighted Features

  • ‎1987-2021 Jeep Wrangler (2 doors)
  • Color: Light camouflage
  • Zipper door at the driver’s side
  • Construction material: Polyester, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
  • 13 x 13.07 x 5.28 inches in dimension
  • 3 pounds in weight

BORDAN is an affordable vehicle cover anyone who owns/drives the Jeep Wrangler 1987-2021 (2 doors) can choose for superior/adequate protection against destructive elements or adverse weather conditions.

It keeps the vehicle free from dust, dirt, excessive sun exposure, bird droppings, water/moisture, snow, ultraviolet rays, and a wide range of contaminations that could wreak havoc on its quality or value.

Although this cover is made from or built using a high-density fabric material.

Nevertheless, it is soft on the paintwork, eliminating possible scratches or dents to retain the vehicle’s attractiveness. Its breathability is also a top attribute/feature worth looking at.

The woven polyester resists/eliminates possible moisture buildup. It also makes the cover resistant to excessive heat and cold.

The installation is easy. Anyone can effortlessly spread the cover across the vehicle without the help/assistance of another party.

We find the design color fascinating, and it is not one of the regular colors. The light camouflage makes it unique and attractive.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Uncompromised protection against water and UV
  • Easy installation


  • Durability is incomparable to the expensive/top-quality options

08. iiSPORT



Highlighted Features

  • 2004-2018 Jeep Wrangler (4-door)
  • 5-layer fabric material
  • Breathable & water-resistant cover
  • Double stitching seams
  • ‎21 x 15.7 x 7.35 inches in dimension
  • 53 pounds in weight

iiSPORT keeps the vehicle’s interior and exterior protected from damaging elements or conditions at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

The 5-layer fabric ensures excellent breathability. It is solid/robust enough to keep water/moisture from penetrating during heavy rainfall, keeping the interior dry and clean.

Its adequate protective performance is connected/attributed to the double stitching seams.

They offer additional strength and ruggedness required to handle whatever the weather and other environmental elements throw at the cover.

In addition to its excellent water repellant attribute, it also resists the passage or penetration of ultraviolet radiation and intense sunlight.

This keeps the temperature inside the cabin well regulated for increased convenience and comfort.


  • Exceptional protection against UV, water, dust, and bird drop
  • It doesn’t scratch or dent the paintwork
  • Fits accurately and tightly
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Doesn’t have the door access flap

09. Motor Trend OV-340_wrangler



Highlighted Features

  • ‎Jeep Wrangler 2 Door (up to 185 inches in length)
  • All-weather protection
  • Breathable and top-quality fabric
  • Secure lock & storage bag
  • 185 x 56 x 72 inches in dimension
  • 4 pounds in weight

Motor Trend OV-340_wrangler is compatible with a wide range of vehicles. However, the recommended length (within 185 inches) must be maintained or adhered to.

This pocket-friendly vehicle cover provides/assures decent protection to the vehicle across all weather conditions.

If anyone is looking at keeping their vehicle safe and protected from elements and conditions that could result in expensive damages but does not have a robust budget. Here is an admirable option to look at.

It assures adequate protection against snow, rainfall, wind, sun, and ultraviolet radiation. Thanks to its double-stitched seams.

The installation is relatively easy. The elastic edges allow for adequate extension across the vehicle until a perfect fitment is achieved.


  • Snugs across the vehicle securely and tightly
  • Keeps the interior temperature within a bearable level
  • Easy to install, remove, and store
  • Excellent coverage at a great price


  • A bit fragile compared to the expensive options

10. BORDAN Custom Fit Cover



Highlighted Features

  • ‎1987-2021 Jeep Wrangler (4 doors)
  • Polyester construction material
  • Color: Silver
  • 4 x 14.8 x 8.27 inches in dimension
  • 48 pounds in weight

BORDAN Custom Fit Cover is designed to slot freely and accurately on Jeep Wrangler models 1987-2021 (4-doors).

It is highly rated for how well it handles moisture/water penetration during heavy rainfall or snow, keeping the interior accessories/components dry. Thanks to its ultrasonic seams technology.

Besides its excellent water-repelling attribute, it aids superior protection against dirt, dust, sun, ultraviolet rays, and other effects/impact of adverse weather conditions that may lower the vehicle’s quality, performance, or value.

The installation is stress-free. It supports independent use/operation, allowing the user to cover and uncover their vehicle whenever possible.


  • Moisture buildup is restricted
  • Cold-resistant vehicle cover
  • Fits excellently/appropriately
  • Inexpensive vehicle cover


  • No storage sack

The Buying Considerations of Best Rain Cover For Jeep Wrangler

01. Price

How much can you conveniently afford to spend or splash on a rain cover? Once there is a figure or an amount to work with, the search can begin.

Look at the available products within the budget and carefully compare, analyze, or review these options until you find a design that delivers or fulfills the performance needs and expectations.

Someone with a robust budget won’t necessarily need to make a lot of comparisons or search through many products to pick a design that offers the best performance, protection, and style.

Such individuals can save the stress by simply settling for any top or premium brands that deliver their expectations/needs.

02. Weather Resistance

One of the key reasons for investing in or picking up a rain cover for the vehicle is to protect the paintwork from quality-reducing impacts or effects due to adverse weather conditions.

When choosing a design to settle for, it is crucial to consider its durability, robustness, or sturdiness.

A product with the mentioned/listed attributes or properties is believed or trusted to offer uncompromised protection against heavy rainfall and snow, strong wind, intense sun, and other elements that may threaten the vehicle’s quality and value.

03. Compatibility

Choose a rain cover designed to work with your Jeep Wrangler’s model. A design that won’t fit firmly and appropriately is not worth the pick since it can’t offer or assure total/complete protection of the vehicle from damaging or harmful elements.

Before anyone decides to settle for a rain cover or pay for one, it is essential to know whether it is specifically designed for the vehicle model they owe/drive.

Most of the time, this information is added/included in the product description.

If such information is absent, we recommend that the buyer speaks to the vendor to ascertain fitment/compatibility.

04. Access To The Driver’s Side

There are times the driver may want to quickly pick up an accessory or item from the cabin.

No one wants to go through those moments of pulling off the cover and reattaching it for such activity/action, irrespective of how easy the installation and removal could be.

Consider a product with a zipper at the driver’s side to tackle the issue.

While the inclusion of the driver’s side zipper may not be a crucial feature or attribute, we believe many people will find it helpful.

05. Installation and Storage

Usually, all vehicle covers are easy to put on and remove. However, some offer a more appropriate way than others.

An adequately labeled cover ensures the installer or user can easily distinguish between the part/side to snuck at the front and the one that should go to the near.

Also, a design that comes with a storage sack or pouch enhances easy installation, keeping the cover dry and clean until the next time it’s called upon.


So far, we have highlighted/reviewed ten (10) of the best rain cover for Jeep Wrangler anyone would find on the market, irrespective of their budget or the price they can conveniently pay to enjoy uncompromised protection.

Read through the provided buying considerations and use the knowledge acquired from the information to make an informed purchase for your vehicle.

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