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10 Best Dana 44 Diff Cover For Jeep Hardcore Performance

If you’re looking for the best Dana 44 diff cover but not sure which one to get or where to start, you’ve come to the right place.

After going through most of Dana 44 diff covers available on the market, we’ve come up with our list of the best 10 picks that you can choose from.

We have also included buying considerations to help you decide which suits you best. Continue reading to determine which one to buy and why we rate these 10 Dana 44 diff as the best.

Table of Dana 44 Diff Cover Comparison

Which Brand is one of the top Quality Dana 44 Diff Cover?

The best dana differential cover is Yukon Gear & Axle, and we consider this to be the best for many reasons. Its key features include its unmatched durability and high strength.

In addition, it’s a nice option for people who want a touch Dana 44 diff cover because it’s built from a thick-walled nodular iron design.

Yukon Gear & Axle are designed to offer a unique level of protection for gears, axles, and lockers against violent impact.

Yukon differential covers are undoubtedly the best when it comes to durability, performance, and strength.

Is Yukon Gear & Axle Brand Worth as Best Dana 44 Diff Cover For Jeep?

As mentioned earlier, the Yukon Gear & Axle is undoubtedly the best for its durability, performance, and strength.

There are so many other products on the market, and even though they have their different key features, the Yukon Gear & Axle remains the best brand to use for.

Other amazing things about the jeep differential cover include the fact that the covers are designed to fit different applications.

They are leak-free and reliable on different types of terrain. What’s more, is that they are designed with stainless steel to prevent rust.

Best Dana 44 Diff Cover on The Market

01. Yukon Gear & Axle YHCC-D44

Highlighted Features

  • Robust steel cover bolts
  • High-strength powder coat finish
  • Reliable drain plug
  • Fits different jeep models

As highlighted above, this is the best brand dana 44 diff cover for jeep on our list, and we recommend it for everyone since it perfectly fits different jeep models.

The diff cover comes with a complete package that includes a magnetic drain plug, strong fasteners, and the hardcore nodular iron diff cover.

These are included for different reasons. The strong fasteners help to add to the rigidity of the differential and magnetic drain plug.

This diff cover is particularly engineered to withstand high impact, which is why it’s made from thick-walled nodular steel.

This makes off-road driving seamless, as there won’t be concerns about severe impact while driving.

Easy installation of the covers is enhanced by the magnetic drain plug, steel fasteners, and the strong coat finish.


  • Every component of the diff cover is durable
  • A perfect option for different models of jeeps
  • Engineered to assure perfect fitments for all differential combinations and different gear ratios
  • Provides leak-free protection, even on the roughest terrain


  • Drain plugs are NPT thread, which is not good for a high-end cover

02. Spicer 10023536

Highlighted Features

  • Reusable performance gasket
  • Perfect for different environments
  • Comes in different thicknesses for different areas
  • Decent covers with bolts included

The next dana differential cover on our list is from Spicer, and it’s equally manufactured with strong nodular iron for increased strength and durability.

For one thing, this is a dana 44 different cover that does not disappoint. We found so many positive reviews about this option, and it’s certain that everyone is pleased with the design and quality.

Many people that have used the JK jeep cover refer to it as a beast and consider it an investment that’s worth the money.

The only thing to ensure when getting this diff cover is that the trackbar relocation bracket is correctly pushing the trackbar up.

Asides from that, there’s nothing else to worry about when it comes to this diff cover.

In addition, the diff cover comes with drain plugs and bolts which will make it easy for anyone to install on their vehicle.


  • It’s a great cover that comes with the gasket and bolts
  • A perfect option for lifted vehicles, especially if the trackbar relocation bracket correctly pushes the trackbar up
  • The differential cover is thick, which is for increased durability
  • The weight is very impressive


  • The metal in the cover goes high, which prevents all the sludge and oil from getting out.

03. TeraFlex 3990650

Highlighted Features

  • Super beefy
  • Thick ductile iron
  • Perfect for most jeep dana 44 axles

The next option on our list of best dana 44 differential covers is TeraFlex 3990650. We decided to check the features of this product after seeing the amazing comments from people who have used it.

TeraFlex 3990650 is undoubtedly the best option for people who prefer a super beefy cover for their jeep.

This cover is thick and equally heavy-duty, which makes it perfect for the different levels of abuse it may be subjected to.

Another attractive feature it comes with is the dual low and high pinion plugs. TeraFlex comes at a friendly price, but what’s certain is that it’d be a nice cover for your diff.

In addition, it can also serve as a perfect replacement for old or worn-out diff cover. It’s a lot stronger than most of the other options available. TeraFlex 3990650 is equally a nice upgrade for a thin stick cover.


  • It’s a super thick and heavy-duty cover to withstand stress
  • Perfect upgrade for a thin cover
  • A super beefy option


  • The product comes with cheap bolts that tend to break easily if over-tightened.

04. ARB 0750003

Highlighted Features

  • Cool and durable design
  • Thick covers
  • Super strong magnets
  • JKS adjustable trackbar

ARB is one of the top brands when it comes to delivering dana 44 diff covers, and the ARB 0750003 is just one of their numerous innovations.

But what’s special about this product, and why are we including it on our list?

The first thing to know is that this option is a lot thicker than most of the other options available on the market.

It’s easy to get to the oil fill hole of this cover, and the drain hole is simply perfect. The magnets of the cover are also strong, a feature that everyone seeks.

One of the features that make this diff cover stand out is the fact that it is bulletproof.

It’s also a perfect option for deep water crossings, and the magnets easily identify issues with the locker or the gear.


  • A perfect option for deep water crossing
  • The cover is bulletproof
  • Awesome and cool design
  • Helps with diff fluid temperature


  • There are a few better options available

05. Rugged Ridge 16595.12

Highlighted Features

  • Made from cast aluminum
  • Sturdy magnetic drain plug
  • Machined sealing surface
  • Powder-coated texture

As the name suggests, this is one of the most rugged dana 44 diff covers available.

Everything that has been included in this product is to increase protection and improve quality in one way or the other.

For instance, the cover is constructed with cast aluminum, and this is to make it strong and sturdy so that it can withstand any type of impact.

In addition, the cover has a stylish appearance, thanks to the matte black powder-coated texture it’s designed with.

With this cover, there’s no concern about whether there’s protection against oily particles, thanks to the reliable magnetic drain plug it comes with.


  • Designed for increased durability
  • Offers maximum protection and is long-lasting
  • Stylish appearance
  • Offers premium resistance to any impact.


  • It may not fit every jeep

06. DV8 Offroad

Highlighted Features

  • Improved performance
  • Easy installation
  • Built to last
  • Offers perfect fitment

DV8 Offroad caught out attention from its sleek and beautiful design, and after reviewing it, we found that it’s indeed an amazing cover to buy.

In terms of fitment, the covers are compatible with every jeep that has the dana axle. The covers are built to last, which is why they are made from cast iron with high tensile strength.

It also has a mounting flanged and a thick housing, which is for increased strength and durability. Another concern that people have when buying a dana 44 diff cover is the oil capacity.

DV8 Offroad ensures increased oil capacity, which allows it to lower the oil temperature for lasting performance. In terms of beauty, this is a remarkable option to settle for.

It’s made with UV protective additives and different coating materials to increase its beauty. In addition, the installation is seamless and without hassle.


  • Designed to withstand corrosion
  • Compatible with different jeep
  • Increased oil capacity for decreased oil temperature


  • Drain plugs are not as durable as other products

07. Spectre Performance 6075


Highlighted Features

  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Triple chrome plated
  • Features 10 bolts

For people who prefer to have a simple design with an unmatched level of performance, this Spectre Performance dana 44 diff cover is an option to consider.

Even though it has a very simple design, it’s an option that provides longevity, especially because it has a steel construction with a triple chrome plating.

The covers are ideal for almost every dana 44 jeep, and it offers seamless installation.

Spectre Performance covers weigh only 1.2 pounds, which is an impressive weight for increased stability, especially when off-road.

Another impressive fact about the cover is that it bolts perfect to dana 44, and the gasket it comes with is simply the best.


  • Remarkable weight for increased stability
  • Sturdy design and made from steel
  • Triple chrome plated for durability
  • Fits perfectly on different vehicles


  • The cover is made of a thin metal construct

08. Rancho RS5209

Highlighted Features

  • Engineered to last
  • Resist corrosion
  • Augmented protection
  • Built for the trail

Rancho is a globally recognized brand when it comes to producing some of the best products available on the market.

When it comes to the level of compatibility, this Rancho cover is compatible with jeep wrangler JK and TJ, dana 44.

It’s built for the trail, which allows it to offer protection from obstacles like rocks when driving off-road.

It offers added internal gear and axle protection with a ribbed construction for increased strength.

What’s more is that the cover is engineered to last for as long as you intend to use it. Thanks to its ductile iron steel construction.


  • Made with high strength ductile steel for increased strength and protection for the internal gear and axle
  • It is made with a durable powder coat finish which makes it resistant to corrosion and rust
  • Perfect for different vehicles
  • The ribbed construction also increases the strength it offers


  • There are cheaper options available

09. Alloy USA 11212

Highlighted Features

  • Increased protection against oil particles
  • Red powder-coated texture
  • Made with cast iron
  • Custom dipstick for easy fill line determination

We are adding Alloy USA 11212 to our list because it shares a lot of similarities with a lot of the options above.

This includes the red power coating it has, which allows it to easily resist dust and corrosion.

In addition, it’s a nice option for people who want something that will last for as long as possible.

Like the other dana 44 diff covers above, it is also made of cast aluminum, which gives it the ability to withstand strong impact.

The cover also has a machined sealing surface to ensure that the gaskets easily adhere to the surface.


  • The dipstick bolt allows for easy oil level determination
  • Gaskets provide excellent sealing
  • The cover is resistant to dust or corrosion, thanks to its powder-coated surfaces
  • Impressive protection against oil particles


  • The accuracy of the dipstick is not reliable

10. Dorman 697-708


Highlighted Features

  • Cost-effective solution
  • Durable construction
  • Ensure fit
  • Quality tested

This is the last cover on our list of best dana 44 diff covers, and it has made it to our least because of the highlighted features above.

In addition to these, there are so many other impressive features of the cover. The first thing to know is the fact that it’s one of the most cost-effective solutions that you’ll find on the market.

It also has a durable construction because it is made from stamped steel and has a coating that makes it resistant to corrosion.

The cover can serve as a direct replacement for different diff covers, and it features a pre-installed magnet in the package. In terms of quality, Dorman stands out because it is tested for quality.


  • The most affordable option available
  • Made from durable construction
  • Tested for quality
  • Ensures fit on different vehicles


  • Not as durable as the other options above

Buying Considerations For The Best Dana 44 Diff Cover

Are you still not impressed by the diff covers we have mentioned above? We are here to assist you with everything you should consider when buying a dana 44 diff cover.

This buying consideration should guide your decision-making and help you select the best product that will suit your need.

While reviewing the 10 best dana 44 diff covers above, we prioritized so many factors and considered each of these factors with respect to the different options in the market.

Each of these factors has a key role to play, especially with respect to the cost, performance, durability, and effectiveness of the diff cover.

We also went through different customer reviews for each of these products because feedback from buyers is a key indicator for satisfaction ratings.

Basically, when buying a dana 44 diff cover, there are so many things to consider, and this is mostly because there are different options available on the market from different manufacturers.

Here are some of the most important things to consider before buying a differential cover:

01. Brand

The brand may not seem to be an important thing to look out for, but it matters a lot when it comes to performance, durability, and reliability.

Checking the brand is a very key thing to do before buying a dana 44 diff cover. It will increase the chance of getting a reliable and durable diff cover.

02. Quality of The Product

The next important factor to check is the quality of the product, and one of the indicating factors that will give an idea of the quality is the brand of the product.

In most cases, popular brands tend to produce better quality than less popular brands.

However, there are also other key factors that will make it easier for one to predict the quality of the products.

In general, it’s vital to look for the respective quality of each of the components of the diff cover.

That is why we have Highlighted some of the materials they are made of in the products mentioned above.

Also, quality is not always about the amount of money a person will spend on the diff cover. The durability of the product is also key.

03. Price

The next thing to consider is the price of the dana 44 diff cover. It’s important to have a budget before deciding to buy one, and also ensure that the budget aligns with your preference.

In general, price is also a factor that can influence quality, brand name, and performance.

Today, there are so many diff covers in the market, and while some are expensive, there are several others that are very cheap and affordable.

In most cases, the cheaper options are not always durable and reliable. The best thing is to buy from reputable brands that offer reasonable and flexible pricing o avoid being disappointed.

04. Cover Materials

The materials used in making the diff covers are also an important feature to look out for when buying a diff cover.

There are different types of materials, and each has its own pros and cons. The most common material for diff covers include the following:

a) Cast Aluminum

A lightweight material that conducts heat well, and it’s used mostly because manufacturers can easily include their logo or a pattern on the aluminum diff cover.

b) Plate or Stamped Steel

They are mostly heavier and thicker than cast aluminum and other materials used. However, diff covers from this material tend to be more expensive.

c) Welded Steel

Perfect material for off-road use. They are mostly thick, strong, heavy, and slightly expensive.

d) Nodular Iron

This is a strong form of cast iron that’s also used in making diff covers. Some of the diff covers from this material come with oil fill holes, which makes things a lot easier.

e) Chrome

There are also some diff covers made from chrome, but they aren’t so great for off-road driving.

These are the most common materials used in making diff covers, and before buying a Dana 44 diff cover, it’s important to check the type of material it is made from.

05. Unique Features

Many people don’t consider this necessary, but for someone who likes to have things a bit different, it’s an important feature to consider.

Before buying a dana 44 diff cover, you might want to know what makes the product stand out when to other similar products on the market.

To know how a product stands out requires identifying some of the features it has that are not present on most of the other options available.


These are the key things you should know about dana 44 diff cover. If you’re considering buying one for your jeep, consider choosing from the 10 best dana 44 diff covers above.

Our best option is the Yukon Gear & Axle, but all the other products above are equally impressive and reliable.

Alternatively, you can use the buying considerations we have provided to make your decision.

From the brand name to the quality of the product, price, customer review, and seller rank, these are all the most important things to look out for when buying a dana 44 diff cover.

Considering these factors will make it a lot easier for anyone to buy a dana 44 diff cover that suits their preference.

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