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9 Best 35 Tires For Jeep Wrangler of 2022 | Enhanced Traction Off-Road & On-Road

If you are a great lover of outdoor activities/events and would welcome the idea of exploring off-road adventure, irrespective of how challenging the terrain could be.

You may have to consider any of the best 35 tires for Jeep Wrangler for the best experience during the off-road driving adventure.

The best 35 inch all terrain tires for Jeep Wrangler are trendy among Wrangler owners for their superior qualities.

These qualities include durability, robustness, and the ability to fit them under the rig without excessive lifting.

Also, the best 35 inch tires for Jeep offer excellent grip while driving on the road and are very fast when compared to other options.

Usually, individuals interested in upgrading their Jeep Wrangler by replacing their tires with the 35-inch option want to know the reliable options to consider and where to start.

To eliminate the worries that come with the purchase, especially for individuals doing this for the first time.

We have selected/reviewed nine (9) 35-inch tires that offer the best performance across numerous terrains.

These options spread across top brands such as ‎Cooper, Milestar, Mastercraft, Nitto, Toyo Tires, BFGoodrich, Federal, and AMP.

(Editor’s Pick) Best 35 Tires For Jeep Wrangler Comparison Table

BrandLoad CapacityTread DepthPrice
Cooper2535 Pounds20 32nds
Milestar2535 Pounds19 32nds
Cooper2535 Pounds21 32nds
Mastercraft3197 Pounds20 32nds
Nitto121.0 Pounds18.3 32nds
Toyo Tires3415 Pounds35 32nds
BFGoodrich3415 Pounds15 32nds
Federal3415 Pounds16.7 32nds
AMP3197 Pounds15.5 Millimeters

What Are The Best 35 Tires For Jeep Wrangler?

When you take a careful look at other tire sizes below 35-inch. One thing that can’t be denied or overlooked is that they look odd or out of position on the Jeep Wrangler.

As a result, this could become an issue, especially when crawling or wheeling. Smaller tires are unreliable options for rugged terrains. These include driving across hills, in the mud, on rocks, or in heavy snow.

All the designs on our list ensure that the Jeep Wrangler glides effortlessly along the most demanding or challenging terrains.

An off-roader will find these tires more preferable due to the increased ground clearance they offer.

Overall, the best 35 inch all terrain tires for Jeep Wrangler offer outstanding performance across all terrains. They also improve the vehicle’s appearance by making it more appealing/attractive.

While all of these brands/designs we have identified/reviewed offer tremendous performance for the money, making them a valuable purchase anyone could make.

They possess unique/individual attributes or qualities that position them above one another.

After carefully analyzing the options on our list, we finally go for the Cooper 35-inch tire as our preferred option.

Why Cooper is The Best Brand For 35 Inch Tires For Jeep Wrangler?

Cooper 35-inch tires possess several attributes that Jeep Wrangler owners will fall in love with.

The brand is widely known for its commitment to constructing tires that can handle pressure/stress. These tires offer incredible hauling performance when operated within the recommended capacity.

The tires produced under the Cooper brand are not limited to a specific condition. Instead, they are versatile designs built to deliver reliable performance across all terrains and weather conditions.

The robust and durable construction material offers increased/exceptional reliability across the most challenging roads/terrains.

Top 9 Best 35 Tires For Jeep Wrangler Buying Guide

01. Cooper Evolution M/T (113Q) – Best 35 Inch Tires For Jeep



Highlighted Features

  • Radial construction
  • Tire aspect ratio: 25
  • Load capacity: 2535 pounds
  • Tread depth: 20 32nds
  • 5-inch section width & 10-inch rim width
  • 7 pounds in weight

When it comes to high-performing or quality products or accessories, the general perception is that such a brand or design should be expensive or offered at a high price.

While this assumption is somewhat valid, there are a few exclusions.

When it comes to picking/purchasing the best 35 inch tires for Jeep at a price that isn’t outrageous or beyond what the majority of Jeep Wrangler owners can afford.

Cooper Evolution M/T (113Q) is one of the few surprises anyone could get on the market, considering its outstanding performance at an affordable rate.

A lot of buyers are satisfied with its load capacity, especially when it comes to hauling. However, ensure the load capacity is adhered to for enhanced durability and extended use.

Individuals who drive across the mountains/hills from time to time or live in an area where the roads are covered with steep gravel. These tires are great addition they can make to their vehicle.

Cooper Evolution M/T (113Q) performs excellently in snow and mud, making them a suitable option for all kinds of weather and road conditions. Also, the noise they produce while driving on the road is minimal.


  • Increased traction for a smooth driving experience
  • Withstands premature tear/wear
  • Outstanding performance in snow and mud
  • Minimal road noise compared to several other designs


  • Installation may require a lift kit

02. Milestar ‎Patagonia M/T (113Q) – Best 35 Inch Jeep Tires



Highlighted Features

  • ‎Radial construction
  • Tire aspect ratio: 12.5
  • Load capacity: 2535 pounds
  • Tread depth: 19 32nds
  • 5-inch section width & 15-inch rim size
  • 60 pounds in weight

Milestar ‎Patagonia M/T (113Q) is another affordable design that delivers outstanding on/off-road performance beyond what many vehicle owners or prospective 35-inch tires buyers expect.

These tires improve the vehicle’s appearance. They slot in effortlessly, improving the Jeep’s attractiveness for upgraded road appeal.

They do not make disturbing sounds while driving on the road, offering noiseless operation at all times.

If anyone is trying to replace their existing tires (35-inch or less) with 35-inch options that offer a smooth driving experience during rock crawling or across the street. Here is a top choice to consider.

When it comes to the performance they offer in relation to price, only a few designs can go head-to-head with Milestar ‎Patagonia M/T (113Q).

The deep tread delivers outstanding performance while driving across the city or highway. They also assure impressive performance on dry rocks and in wet road conditions.

However, use/operation under sandstone or roads covered with gravel could lower durability or result in premature wear. It is fair enough to say this design may not be the best option for such conditions.


  • Affordable price
  • Quiet performance (minimal/no road noise)
  • Excellent handling and traction on/off road
  • The tires wear off evenly


  • Not a suitable option for sandstone or gravel roads

03. Cooper DISCOVERER STT PRO (‎113.0Q) – Best 35 Inch All Terrain Tires For Jeep Wrangler



Highlighted Features

  • Radial construction
  • Tire aspect ratio: 12.5
  • Load capacity: 2535 pounds
  • Tread depth: 21 32nds
  • 5-inch section width & 15-inch rim size
  • ‎66.8 pounds in weight

Are you looking for the best 35 tires for Jeep Wrangler to achieve reliable off-road performance? Cooper DISCOVERER STT PRO (‎113.0Q) is one of our top consideration.

Irrespective of where the buyer lives or the prevalent weather conditions in their region. These tires are one of the most effective options for excellent performance across all seasons or terrains.

They offer increased traction/grip during rainfall, in the snow, while driving in mud, and across rocks and gravels.

Another outstanding feature they possess is the noiseless or quiet drive experience delivered while driving on the road.

The driver won’t have to consider winding up the side widows to escape the annoying noise that many designs are known for.

These tires improve the vehicle’s style and feel, delivering an outstanding attractiveness/appeal while driving across the road.

The impressive hauling capacity is another attribute that enhances their suitability when operating the vehicle under stress/pressure.

The user or car owner must adhere to the load capacity for best performance. The tread design ensures stones or gravels do not find their way into the tread.

This reduces premature damage and contributes to how long the tires stay in excellent condition.


  • Suitable across all seasons
  • Increased traction during off-road adventures
  • Impressive tread design (eliminates stone retention)
  • Increased Durability


  • More expensive than the average vehicle tires

04. Mastercraft Courser MXT (121Q)



Highlighted Features

  • Radial construction
  • 5-inch section width & 20-inch rim diameter
  • Tread depth: ‎20 32nds
  • 3197 pounds load capacity
  • Size: 35/125R20
  • ‎64 pounds in weight

Mastercraft Courser MXT (121Q) is what many off-ride enthusiasts would love to have on their vehicles.

Especially individuals who desire an affordable product that can fit/slot in as a great alternative to the expensive options on the market.

Although these tires are offered at a pocket-friendly price, they offer qualities and performance similar to some of the top brands/designs you will find around.

Besides their aggressive appearance, the quiet and smooth drive experience they offer is another attribute that makes them one of the most sought-after 35-inch tires for Jeep Wrangler.

Some users even rate the performance above some OEM tires, thanks to the excellent grip and traction these tires provide for smoother handling and acceleration across all terrains and weather conditions, especially during off-road rides and while driving in snow.

The impressive load capacity of 3197 pounds ensures they hold up exceptionally/brilliantly under stress or pressure.

Overall, Mastercraft Courser MXT (121Q) tires combine power, durability, style, and quiet operation, delivering the outcomes that many vehicle owners desire at a pocket-friendly price.


  • Excellent grip and traction
  • Road noise is significantly minimized
  • Inexpensive option
  • Aggressive appearance & smooth driving experience


  • Illegal/unauthorized for use in Arkansas

05. Nitto Ridge Grappler (121E)



Highlighted Features

  • ‎Radial construction
  • All-terrain tire
  • 3,197 pounds load capacity
  • Tread depth: ‎18.3 32nds
  • 5-inch section width & 17-inch rim diameter
  • 6 pounds in weight

In case anyone is looking for or researching a top-quality 35-inch tire to install on their Jeep without having to break the bank or spend beyond their budget.

Nitto Ridge Grappler (121E) is a suitable option that comes to mind. While this brand may not be one of the household or highly-popular names.

These tires have been able to gain impressive attention, patronage, and recommendations among existing users for the impressive attributes/features they possess.

For instance, they deliver excellent handling across all terrains (wet and dry), ensuring they can deal with or withstand whatever the road or weather conditions throw in your path.

Also, their robustness and durability encourage/support rock crawling, ensuring a smooth driving experience while moving across rough/rugged roads.

The driver won’t have to worry about the possible loss of control or traction, improving confidence and safety.

Although Nitto Ridge Grappler (121E) holds up firmly during off-road adventures and delivers uncompromised handling/traction in snow and on dry roads.

It may not provide the best handling performance while driving on pavement/road/street during rainfall.


  • Minimal/low road noise
  • Excellent traction on wet and dry terrains
  • Ensures smooth and comfortable rides
  • Decent cost of acquisition


  • Handling may be a bit shaky while driving on the pavement during rainfall

06. Toyo Tires Open Country M/T (123Q)



Highlighted Features

  • Radial construction
  • Load capacity: 3415 pounds
  • Tread depth: 35 32nds
  • Ply rating: 10-ply
  • 5-inch section width & 18-inch rim diameter
  • 81 pounds in weight

Toyo Tires Open Country M/T (123Q) comes to mind when researching the best 35-inch tires that offer uncompromised performance across all terrains at a reasonable price.

We find the excellent handling and traction the design/product offers on and off the road pretty impressive, especially while driving across ice or while it snows.

The tires also grip pretty decently while hauling a heavy road across the road. Nevertheless, adhering to the recommended load capacity is essential for improved safety and performance during hauling/towing.

The ply rating (10-ply) indicates how durable these tires are, ensuring long-lasting performance.

According to some users, the tread remains decent after over 60K miles, especially when tire rotation is performed after every 5,000 miles.

Toyo Tires Open Country M/T (123Q) delivers smoother ride quality on the highway, even while driving at high speeds.


  • ‎Comes with tread wear indicator
  • Offers increased Durability for long-lasting performance
  • Excellent driving experience on/off road
  • Value for the price


  • The weight is heavier/bulkier than most tires

07. BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 (123R)



Highlighted Features

  • Radial construction
  • Treadwear indicator
  • Tread depth: 15 32nds
  • Load capacity: 3415 Pounds
  • 5-inch section width & 18-inch rim diameter
  • 9 pounds in weight

A critical factor responsible for BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 (123R) continued popularity and adoption among Jeep owners is its ability to withstand whatever the road or weather conditions throw at it.

These tires have a record of lasting over a long time, irrespective of the driving pattern.

Some users believe it is possible to cover tens of thousands of miles (up to 80K in some cases) before a replacement could be considered.

Considering the number of miles it could cover when used according to the manufacturer’s specifications/recommendations.

Many buyers are always happy to repurchase or pick it up again when it’s time for a replacement.

These tires offer excellent performance (increased handling and control) across all terrains, ensure even tread wear, and do not produce disturbing/loud noise attributed to some of the available options on the market.

If anyone decides to tow/haul a trailer with their Jeep Wrangler, irrespective of how frequent/often.

BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 (123R) is solid enough to deliver excellent performance across the road when operated within the maximum weight limit.


  • Sidewall rubber is resistant to bruise/split
  • Superior performance on gravel roads
  • Increased traction when driving in snow, mud, and across rocks
  • Long-lasting use/operation


  • There could be a spike in fuel usage due to their heavyweight

08. Federal Couragia M/T (‎123Q)



Highlighted Features

  • Radial construction
  • 5-inch section width & 10-inch rim width
  • Tread depth: 16.7 32nds
  • 3415 pounds load capacity
  • 5 pounds in weight

Federal Couragia M/T (‎123Q) is a high-quality tire anyone can pick up for their Jeep Wrangler for impressive performance across all terrains.

This product is well-known or very popular for its versatility, especially how it delivers increased handling and traction during off-road adventures.

Besides the impressive off-road capabilities, the noiseless operation and smooth performance while driving on the road or across the street/pavement are excellent features contributing to their wide recognition and recommendation.

These tires can withstand a load of about 3415 pounds for better towing/hauling performance.

Also, the reinforced sidewall facilitates uncompromised protection against elements or activities that could lead to damage when driving across rough/challenging roads.

Federal Couragia M/T (‎123Q) is inexpensive. It is ideal for individuals who seek tires that can hold up under extreme conditions or assures outstanding protection against hazard during off-road adventures without overshooting their budget.


  • Adequate protection against harm during off-road adventures
  • Impressive ground clearance
  • Increased traction during off-road
  • Tread wears evenly/nicely to support long-lasting use


  • The tires could be somewhat hard to mount or balance appropriately
  • A lift kit may be required

09. AMP ‎Terrain Attack A/T A (121R)



Highlighted Features

  • Radial construction
  • 3197 pounds load capacity
  • Tread depth: 15.5/32-inch
  • 5-inch section width & 20-inch rim diameter
  • 49 pounds in weight

AMP ‎Terrain Attack A/T A (121R) is another affordable pick on our list, making it a suitable consideration for individuals who are working with a budget.

It is important to state that this design does not deliver the same level of performance as the expensive and highly-rated designs on the market.

Nevertheless, they offer a considerable level of performance for the money. These tires offer decent traction and drive experience in dry and wet conditions.

According to some users, they can last between 25K and 38K miles, irrespective of the driving style or pattern.

AMP ‎Terrain Attack A/T A (121R) works well in the rain, snow, mud, and while driving on roads filled with sand.

Also, it produces minimal noise on the highway when compared to other tires of similar size.


  • An excellent option for the price
  • Quiet operation on the road or highway
  • Impressive performance during off-road drives
  • Excellent grip/traction


  • Soft and might be tricky/tough to balance

Buying Considerations of The Best 35 Tires For Jeep Wrangler

01. Price

While coming up with our list of reliable 35-inch tires Jeep Wrangler owners could buy, we ensured no one was left behind.

Irrespective of the budget or how an individual can afford to pay for the 35-inch tire upgrade. There is a product or more to choose from or consider.

Before a purchase is initiated, it is vital to plan appropriately. Know how much you can afford to pay at such period in time and tailor the search around top-quality options that are available within the price range.

For individuals who are interested in the expensive/premium options due to the peace of mind and the overall top performance they offer. We have mentioned a few options to consider on our list to make the ideal pick.

The same opportunity is presented or reserved to individuals on a specific budget who desire the best product they can buy at such a price.

02. Durability

Once the budget has been verified and sorted, the next factor that should be looked at or considered critically is the durability of the products under consideration.

Choose or pay for tires that assure undiluted quality and reliable performance.

When you watch the new/modern tire designs, it is evident that manufacturers are integrating the latest technologies in the engineering/construction process.

These integrations are believed to play a critical role in enhancing durability and how long these tires stay in a top condition.

Go through the tread design, most notably how strongly the tires resist pressure and withstand elements of conditions such as punctures and cuts.

03. Needs or Purchase Intentions

Before anyone decides to pick the 35-inch tires for their vehicle. Do not shy away from asking the necessary/right questions.

Identify the need for the upgrade, especially the problems it seeks to solve or address.

All the tires on the market possess their uniqueness. Hence, they are not built the same way, which is evident in the grip/traction they offer.

While tires designed/offered to work excellently across all terrains (on the road and off-road) may appear like a solid purchase option due to their impressive performance and popularity.

That doesn’t make them an instant pick. It is essential to think profoundly/extensively.

Consider the terrain you frequent or drive across often and choose a design that supports such a terrain.

For instance, for anyone who lives in a region where it snows for an extended period of the year, the purchase focus should be on top-quality tires that offer exceptional grip/traction in wet conditions and across rough roads/terrains.

The all-terrain tires are a top/ideal choice for individuals who drive more across rough terrains or somewhat rocky roads.

04. Tread Quality/Durability

Every Jeep Wrangler owner wants to invest in tires that can cover many miles or assures extended use or life span.

We always advise interested individuals or prospective buyers to pay attention to the information highlighted in the product description.

This section contains details about the traction, temperature resistance, and tread wear, giving a clear idea of how long the tire could go or last before a replacement may be considered.

05. Brand

Irrespective of the price or the amount anyone plans to spend or invest in a new set of tires, the focus should be on choosing a design that offers a top value for the money.

One major way to stay clear of dissatisfactions/disappointments with any purchase is to avoid products you do not know much about or can’t get enough/sufficient information to confirm the features or outcomes they promise.

Ensure the purchase is limited to the popular or highly-rated options. Impressively, reliable designs/brands have various tire models, ensuring everyone gets an option that matches their purse or budget.

The Basic FAQs of Best 35 Tires For Jeep Wrangler

01. Why Does Anyone Need Bigger Tires?

Most Jeep owners are not satisfied with the average-sized tires on their vehicles. Hence the need to settle for a size that complements the Jeep’s performance capabilities.

The 35-inch tires are robust, solid, and durable, especially for individuals who are great lovers of off-road adventures or plan to pick up this activity someday.

The average-sized tires are unreliable for rough terrains and may not perform well in the mud.

With large-sized tires like the 35-inch, you have the ideal design for rugged/challenging terrains, especially those rocky areas.

02. What Safety Tip Should I Consider When Driving a Vehicle With 35-Inch Tires on The Road?

Considering how fast the speed escalates when the accelerator increases, irrespective of how little.

We advise the drivers to drive carefully on the road to avoid breaking any rules and maintain/ adhere to the safety precautions on the road.

03. Why Does My Tire Slip While Driving in The Rain?

When you experience this situation while driving in the rain or other wet conditions, the first thing to do is check/inspect the tread to detect if it hasn’t worn out.

While the tread may still appear to be in good condition after covering tens of thousands of miles, offering decent traction in dry conditions.

It may be a different experience while driving in wet conditions. This is when the tires start slipping.

It is better/advised to consider a replacement at that point for increased safety and performance across all terrains and weather conditions.

04. When Should My 35-Inch Tires be Rotated?

Usually, the vehicle’s tires should be checked/inspected on a regular basis.

Experts advise that vehicle owners check the condition of their tires when performing the regular oil change routine, which happens every 5K miles covered.

Rotate the tires if uneven/irregular wear or patches are noticed during the check/inspection. Also, the alignment can be inspected to get the best out of the tires.


When selecting the best 35 tires for Jeep Wrangler, everyone must make a purchase decision in relation to their driving pattern/style/habit.

Individuals who are great admirers or lovers of off-road adventures should settle for any top-quality option in line with their budget.

Also, vehicle owners who drive around mostly on pavement or highways should consider one of the highly-rated highway-terrain options that match their budget.

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