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B-24 Liberator

RVLS4529 B-24 Liberator 1/48 Scale $41.25

The B-24 Liberator was the greatest bomber used by the USAAF during World War II until end 1943. Although it was often overshadowed by the B-17, the robust B-24 took part in more actions and was operational on more fronts than any other American bomber. It was also able to carry a much larger bomb load. It made its maiden flight in December 1939. The aircraft owed its long range to the inspired design of the wing. In addition the versatile B-24 was used as a long-range reconnaissance platform and as a transport. While the initial versions were assigned for use in the Mediterranean and Great Britain, a great demand also arose for long-range bombers in the South Pacific, when the B-24 became the main tool of Allied operations in the recapture of the islands. In 1943 the Liberator had completely replaced the B-17 in the South Pacific. The B-24D was the first mass-produced version of the Liberator. It had a glazed nose section equipped with four .50 calibre machine guns. A total of 2,738 of the B-24D were produced. Without doubt the best known mission of the B-24D bombers was the strike against the Ploesti oil refineries in Rumania.

- Six 500 lb bombs
- Two 1000 lb bombs
- Movable tail gun turret
- Side MG positions in rear of fuselage
- 7 figures for pilot, co-pilot, bomb-aimers and gunners
- Imitation engines
- Movable propellers
- Detailed landing gear, flattened tyres
- Detailed MG turret in fuselage
- Decals for 2 USAAF versions

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