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B-26 Marauder

RVLS4525 B-26 Marauder 1/48 Scale $22.00
The Martin B-26 Marauder was a twin-engined medium range bomber, modeled on the German Ju 88 high-speed bomber, that flew for the first time on 25th November 1940. This machine, however, was heavier than planned and could be extremely difficult for the pilots to handle. Due to he high loss rate Martins were continually working on improvements. Some of the shortcomings were finally eliminated with the introduction of the B-26B. In its first missions in the Pacific with 22 Bomber Group, the B-26 was exceptionally well received by the pilots. In Europe the B-26 Marauder played a decisive role, in particular, with the newly formed 9th Air Force. By March 1944, 1,931 B-26 Marauders had finally come into service - 1,191 of them in Europe alone - with the US Army Air Force (USAAF) as it was now called. The last Marauders were taken out of service in Europe in February 1946. Some of them went to the French Air Force which had been flying Marauders since 1943.
- Structural surface details
- Detailed cockpit with instrument panel
- Pilot figure
- MG turret with gunner
- Side windows equipped with machine guns
- External MG packs
- Detailed nose landing gear
- Detailed main landing gear
- 4 bombs
- Detailed bomb bay
- Imitation front radial engine
- Movable propeller
- Rear MG mount
- Access ladder
- Super decals with on USAAF version and one French version
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