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 CH/HH-46 Sea Knight "U.S. Navy Version"    

ACYS1107 CH/HH-46 Sea Knight "U.S. Navy Version" 1/48 $55.00
* Primary function: Vertical Replenishment (Vertrep), Search and Rescue, cargo and personnel transport
* Manufacturer: Boeing Vertol Company
* Power plant: (2) GE-T58-10 engines
* Thrust: 1400 shaft horsepower (SHP)
* Length: ● Rotors unfolded - 84 feet 4 inches (25.69 meters) ● Rotors folded - 45 feet 7.5 inches (13.89 meters)
* Width: ● Rotors unfolded - 51 feet (15.54 meters) ● Rotors folded - 14 feet 9 inches (4.49 meters)
* Height: 16 feet 8 inches (5.08 meters)
* Maximum takeoff weight: 19,405 pounds (8,800 kilograms)
* Range: 132 nautical miles (151.8 miles) * Speed: 145 knots (166.75 miles per hour)* Ceiling:10,000 feet (+)
* Crew: ● Normal - 3 (pilot, copilot, crew

The CH/HH-46 "Sea Knight" is a versatile aircraft still providing valuable service five decades after its introduction. Its tandem rotor design sets it apart from other single rotor Navy and Marine helicopters and gives the Sea Knight excellent stability, powerful lifting capability and superior handling in difficult weather conditions. The CH-46 was first procured in 1964 to satisfy the Marine Corp? medium-lift requirements in Viet Nam. The US Navy also acquired the helicopter, though in smaller numbers, for shipboard re-supply missions ("Vertical Replenishment / Vertrep"), Search and Rescue (SAR), aero medical evacuation and general transport. The Cargo bay has a loading ramp that can remain open in flight for outsized cargo. For cargo loading a winch is built into the forward bulkhead and a system of rollers in the floor speeds loading and unloading. Additionally a cargo hook built into the belly allows external sling loads up to 10,000 pounds. Because of the tandem-rotor design, the helicopter has excellent maneuverability making it ideal for the Vertical Replenishment role. It is able to handle difficult flight conditions such as stiff cross winds, rearward or sideways flight and still place its cargo on deck with precision. The three-bladed rotors fold hydraulically for easier ship-board storage. A pintle mounted 0.50 caliber Browning machine gun can be installed on each side of the aircraft for self protection into high threat areas. All current CH/HH-46's are equipped to carry emergency floatation equipment along each side of the fuselage.
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